Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Development Challenges

Deteriorating rural roads system taking a toll on health, education and agriculture. Papua New Guinea' low social indicators in health, education and agriculture are directly related to the dilapitated state of its rural road system.

Government focused on improving only 25% of the country's road, neglecting the rest which serves the bulk of the population and unless something was done to improve the rural roads, the peope living in those areas would continue to suffer.

Working for an NGO (ADRA-PNG) try to reach some of those rural communities is a nightmare and involves alot of risk.

The road to Morobe Governor's village in the Sarawaket range, Nawaeb District Morobe, Province, Papua New Guinea is totally in a mess, even the fourwheel drive can't make it as shown above. (On my way back from Buambok Village, Nabak LLG, Nawaeb District, Morobe Province, PNG)

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