Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cost and Benefits of Foreign Investment

Encouraging foreign investment is good for country’s economy in the sense that it createsemployment for the people and revenue for the government and contributes to the infrastructure development of the country. However there are costs to it… and among the many, pollution and destruction of environment are at its best as in the case for Ramu Nickel Project. Local were happy as the road were build through their villages and a bridge build over the mighty Ramu River. Now they have realized that their, hunting ground has been disturbed, rivers and creeks polluted and influx of people into their community that once were peaceful.
Newly constructed road towards Mine Site..
over looking the Ramu Valley, the Ramu River,
and the untouched Rainforest of Ramu Plain

This is the Ramu River as you can see people use caneos
to cross the river before.

Mullti million Kina bridge build across the Ramu river
by the Developer..

This river used to be a source of clean drinking water
but the colour has been changed due to mining activities
upstream. Those chlidren have no choice but to live with it.

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  1. Hi Bonny! How are you? So glad I found your blog. Great work here! Sounds like you're doing a great job at ADRA still, and it's great to see your smiling face! I was reminding Madison of all his friends in PNG the other day. He said he wouldn't be scared to see you again! I think a visit will have to happen soon. Take care, Kym